Roller-Lifting Equipment


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Conveyor Heights
2000 mm - 10000 mm
Belt Width
up to 1500 mm
Conveyor Speed
up to 1 m/s
Load Capacity
up to 10 parcels - at the same time
Load Per Tray
up to 50 kg

Modular Design: Enjoy effortless installation and maintenance with our conveyor, which adapts to your specific needs, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Robust Motor and Frame: Designed for longevity, our conveyor features a robust motor and sturdy frame that are engineered to withstand rigorous use over time.

Speed and Power: Benefit from lightning-fast material transport and the ability to handle heavy loads with ease, enhancing overall productivity in your operations.

Precision Performance: Whether in manufacturing or distribution settings, our elevator conveyor ensures smooth and precise handling, delivering consistent performance every time.