Belt Driven Roller Conveyor


belt driven roller conveyor belt driven roller conveyor belt driven roller conveyor
Conveyor Lenght
1000 mm - 8000 mm
Belt Width
up to 1500 mm
Conveyor Speed
up to 2 m/s
Load Capacity
up to 50 kg/m

Vertical Roller Change Ability: Enjoy the flexibility to change rollers vertically, allowing for easy removal by lifting them from the conveyor.

Perfectly Fit for Narrow Spaces: Don't let space constraints hinder your efficiency. Our roller conveyor is meticulously designed to seamlessly fit into narrow spaces.

Low Maintenance Time and Cost: Minimize both time and cost spent on maintenance, enabling you to focus on maximizing operational efficiency.

Belt Driven: Our rollers are driven by a hidden belt conveyor, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.