Flexible Roller Conveyor


flexible conveyor system versatile conveyor solution adaptable material handling conveyor
Standard Roller Diameter
θ40 - θ50 mm
Standard Widths
400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1200 mm
Standard Lengths
1000 mm to 2400 mm, 1400 mm to 3000 mm, 1500 mm to 3500 mm
2000 mm to 4500 mm, 2200 mm to 5000 mm, 2600 mm to 6000 mm
Standard Hights
500 mm to 750 mm, 600 mm to 900 mm, 700 mm to 1100 mm
Roller Material
Zinch, PVC Coated (Optional)
Roller Pitch
160 mm

In industrial operations, our Flexible Conveyor System, along with flexible screw conveyors, flexible roller conveyors, and flexible auger conveyors, offers competitive pricing without sacrificing quality. Customizable dimensions ensure optimal space utilization, from compact warehouses to large facilities. Engineered for enhanced maneuverability, including powered flexible conveyor options, it navigates dynamic environments with ease. Adjustable height functionality seamlessly integrates into various workflows, enhancing operator ergonomics. Leveraging these features, our flexible conveyor systems revolutionize material handling processes for sustainable growth and operational excellence in the modern industrial landscape.